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Element Project

The Periodic Table consists of many fascinating bits of information about the elements that make up all matter. However there is much more to know about each element than can be easily fit within the Periodic Table.

This is your first project in 8th grade science. This project will have due dates for various parts and the entire project will be worth a test grade. Failure to complete this project may result in a poor grade for the third six weeks grading period.

You will prepare a class lecture / presentation on your element. Your class presentation should be interesting and last approximately  3 - 5 minutes. Your time will be scheduled by the teacher.

Your project should take on the "flavor" of an autobiography. You need to "pretend" that your element has a mind and voice and it is going to tell its story!

Your should research the history of the element, who discovered it and when, What its primary uses are, how it is found in nature. What are the Isotopes, boiling, melting points, and electron configuration of the element (etc.). You must also find 10 - 20 facts about your element.

One of following items must be prepared and given to the class as part of the presentation.

bulletA teaching poster - this poster must display information about each element in your family of elements. It should include at least a drawing of the electron structure of the element and must contain at least 5 facts about your element including their uses.
bulletMake an overhead.
bulletMake a Power point program to enhance your presentation.
bulletProduce a one-page handout with facts about your elements. (enough copies for the class)

Grades will be given based upon a scoring rubric that will be posted in class. Your grade will be based upon class participation, research, and quality of poster, handouts and your oral presentation

Your project is an individual project. You are to research your assigned element, choose the style you want to present the information in (listed above and below) You should research its history, discoverer, uses and other interesting facts such as what compounds it makes, how they are used. You should also find pictures or make a drawing showing the electron configuration of your element.

To complete your project you must do at least ONE of the following projects.

bulletMake a pamphlet about your element. Your pamphlet should include a drawing or picture as well as useful facts about your element.
bulletWrite a 2-3 page report in ink (double-spaced, one side of paper only) or a typed two page (size 12 font) report. Your Report should include the same kind of items found in a pamphlet.
bulletMake a full size poster with information about your element, its history and uses.
bulletMake a Power Point Presentation for your project. (at least 8 - 10 slides)
bulletUse "Front Page" and make a "web page" about your element.

Once you have determined how you want to present the information, it is important that you collect all the information you can. Use the following web sites to help you.

Useful Chemistry Web Sites

Chemistry Web Sites Description
This is an online web site to view and gather information on each of the elements found in nature. This is a great resource.
A great web site that teaches about various chemsitry concepts.
Check the periodic table out and search the site for information on the elements.
bulletLos Alamos Periodic table
Packed full of information for students as they research the Periodic Table.
bulletChemical Elements
A web site with much information about the elements and the Periodic Table.
bulletEnvironmental Elements
A web site that is chock full of information, especially information on environmental concerns dealing with chemistry.
bulletChemistry at
Information abounds at this web site.
Site is loaded with information to help you in this project
Information on Isotopes of every element
Another great Periodic Table web site
Yet another Periodic Table Web Site

And yet another Periodic Table web site


A few good search engines

Finally, a Bibliography is required for all your work. This will be checked and graded. To receive full credit make sure you use the correct format for making a bibliography. Here is a web site that can help you with the format: Another great Bibliography Web page can be found at:

A scoring rubric will be placed here soon so that you see how your project will be graded.


Research and do a second element of your choosing. Use the same format listed above (no oral presentation)! You may choose to do a Power Point, Report, pamphlet etc. Extra credit must be turned in no later than January 10, 2003! A reminder about extra credit - ALL WORK MUST BE IN PRIOR TO TURNING IN THE EXTRA CREDIT!

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