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On this page you can link to various tests or practice tests and see how you do. Use this page as often as you like. Improve your test taking ability. Click on the links below to access an online practice test or an online test.

Practice Tests

Online Practice Tests will offer you a chance to take a test and receive immediate results on all test items immediately on your computer. Results are not recorded. Practice tests often have some of the same questions that you will actually see in class. It is highly recommeneded that you use these tests to help you study the material.

Online Tests

Online tests are graded by the computer and then results are sent to me for analysis. You will be given a grade but will not see what you missed.

Unit / Chapter Practice Test Online Test
Unit 1 Physical Science Basics                                                                                                                  
Ch 1 The Nature of Science NEW: Chapter 1  
Ch. 2 Physical Science Methods NEW: Chapter 2  
Unit 2 Energy and Motion

NEW: Practice Test First Six Weeks

Ch. 3 Exploring Motions and Forces Chapter 3  
Ch. 4 Acceleration and Momentum Chapter 4  
Ch. 5 Energy Chapter 5  
Ch. 6 Using Thermal Energy Chapter 6  
Ch. 7 Machines Chapter 7 Review Test  
Properties of Matter NEW Practice Test for Retake NEW  
Unit 3 The Nature of Matter                                                                                                                  
Ch. 8 Solids, Liquids and Gases Solids, Liquids and Gases Solids, Liquids and Gases
Ch. 9 Classification of Matter Classification of Matter Matter
Ch. 10 Atomic Structure and the Periodic Table Chemical Bonds

Chapter 10 Practice Test

Chemical Bonds
Ch. 11 Chemical Bonds The Periodic Table

Chapter 10 and 11 Practice Test

Chapter 10 - 12 Practice Test

The Periodic Table
Unit 4 Kinds of Substances                                                                                                                  
Ch. 12 Elements and Their Properties    
Ch. 13 Organic and Biological Compounds    
Ch. 14 Useful Materials    
Unit 5 Interactions of Matter                                                                                                                  
Ch. 15 Solutions    
Ch. 16 Chemical Reactions    
Ch. 17 Acids, Bases and Salts    

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