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Measurement in Science

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Measuring in Science

Unit 1 Science as a Human Endeavor

Welcome to 8th Grade Science. This year you will utilize the study of the Earth through a framework called Earth Systems Science. Our main focus will be to study the physical world around us and how this knowledge can be used in daily life. In seventh grade you developed your understanding of the biological and geological world. In Grade eight you will study Physical Science. Physical Science is the study of matter and energy. Every measurable thing in the universe is either matter or energy. Plants, animals, rocks, clouds, eggs and elephants are all examples of matter. Lightning, thunder, light, heat and motion are all examples of energy.

In physical science, we will study what makes up matter - its composition. We will also learn about what matter is like and how it behaves.

Scientists utilize pure science to gather new information or the discovery of a new relationship or fact Pure science adds to the body of scientific knowledge but does not have to have practical uses. Not every scientific discovery will have common everyday applications, but even those that do not may open up whole new fields of investigation.

Technology is the practical use of scientific information. Scientific discoveries may lead to technological innovations which, in turn, may lead to further discoveries. Both pure science and applied science (technology), are considered important parts of science as a whole.


In your study of science we will come upon many new terms that we need to use to help us describe our world.


Link to the following websites and read about the metric system of measurement. It is suggested that you obtain the worksheet that goes along with this web site to help you work through the reading.

Reading Link #1: 

 The Metric System  or type the following link::

Reading Link # 2:

The SI System of Measurement or type the following URL:

By the way reading two can be very technical...but it has really good information!

Lab Activities

Lab 1 Online - Click on this link to attempt the first lab activity. Record all of your data on the sheet provided. Once you have completed this lab Print the worksheet and turn it into Mr. Crosby.

Lab One - Lab 1: Internet Density Lab

Once you have completed Lab 1 Online go to Lab 2

Lab Two - Lab 2:Floating Log



Game to Play: Who wants to be a millionaire


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