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Welcome to the Online Ohio Proficiency Test Center

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This page has been designed to help students pass the ninth grade proficiency test which will be given the week of March 4 - 8, 2002.

By Ohio law, this year's eighth grade class (Class of 2006), must pass all five Ohio Proficiency tests. Each test is administered on a set day through out the week.

The following web sites have been found to be of help to parents and students and shoiuld be viewed to help you pass each test. Good Luck!

Web Site

9th Grade Learning Outcomes

This site will help you understand the goals of each test taken. Use this page to see what you need to know to pass the test.

Previous Ninth Grade Proficiency Tests

This site allows a parent to download actual past tests that were given in the state of Ohio. You will be able to save the test and later print it with a key and have your child take the test at home as practice.

Past Test Results

This page can be used to see what it took to pass the tests in previous years.