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Density Test


Directions: This is an essay test. Please complete each question and task. You will work together to collect data but must work alone to answer each question. Use your own paper to answer each question. Number everything.


  1. A shipment of eight assorted metals recently arrived in Mr. Crosby’s Science classroom without any labels on them. As a student scientist you have been asked by Mr. Crosby to determine the density of each metal and then use a chart to determine the actual identity of the known metal.


Task #1: Explain how you would go about this problem. What measurements would you need? How would you determine the density of each unknown metal? (10 Points)


Task #2: Build a Data table to hold the data that you will collect. Collect the data from your Lab Area and place the appropriate information in your chart. (10 points)


Task #3: Determine the density of each metal. Then use the chart provided to determine the actual identity of the metals. Discuss in your explanation what each metal is and what scientific evidence you used to determine the identity of each unknown. (10 points)


  1. Several liquids are provided to you in plastic containers. It has been determined that they each contain 25 ml of liquid. DO NOT OPEN THE CONTAINERS. (An empty container is also provided to you to determine the mass of an empty container.) Calculate the density of each and determine (based upon density) how these liquids could be “layered” one on top of another.


Task #1: Explain how you would do this activity. (10 points)


Task #2: Build a data table and collect the necessary data. (10 points)


Task #3: Calculate the density of each liquid and determine which will float on each other. Place them from most dense to lease dense. Draw a picture of a test tube. In the test tube draw in each colored liquid where you would find it. (10 points)


  1. A piece of metal was found attached to a string. Determine its mass and volume to the best of your ability. Then using the chart provided, determine what metal you have. Explain what you did and how you got your answer. (10 points)


Thirty (30) additional points will be added to your test score based upon neatness of your paper, clarity of your answers, lab cleanup, cooperation in your lab area and placing your name on your paper.