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Scientific Lab Report


I.                  Name Your Lab


II.               Materials Needed / Equipment Needed / Procedure


In this section of your report list all the materials you need and the equipment used. A drawing of how to set up the equipment is always useful. Now that you have listed the materials and equipment, briefly explain the procedure to use to conduct this experiment.


III.           Statement of Problem


In this portion of the lab report state the problem being investigated. This should be stated as a question.


IV.            Hypothesis


In this portion of your lab report you should indicate what your hypothesis is. A hypothesis is an educated guess as to what you think will happen in the lab.


V.               Data


Your Data is the information you collected during the lab activity. Your data may be a combination of numbers and words as well as information that needs to be properly labeled, such as temperature, mass and density. Place all your data in a well-developed data table or other appropriate format.


VI.            Analysis


To analyze your data means to start making since of your data. This must be done in graph form (when necessary) and in paragraph form. Analyze your data by telling your reader what you observed and what you think it means.


VII.        Conclusion


Your conclusion should summarize your entire lab report. Did you prove or disprove your hypothesis. Did you find problems in your lab procedure that may have resulted in inaccurate data being collected?