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Mendeleev Autobiography

Writing Assignment

Now that you have learned some basic facts about the history of the atom and periodic table, pretend that you are Dmitri Mendeleev, the father of the periodic table. Write a 1 page or longer (typed, double-spaced) autobiography of your life and your work in researching the patterns of the elements.

Before you begin your writing, research the following questions. Be sure your autobiography answers these important questions! As always, be creative, and proofread for grammar and spelling. Your writing should be followed by a brief Works Cited page listing the sources you used to write your autobiography.

bulletWhere and when were you born?
bulletIn what years did you perform your research, and in what year did you publish your periodic table?
bulletWhat properties of the elements did you list as you began to organize the elements?
bulletExplain the process you used to help you design the first periodic table. Give details! By what property did you arrange the elements?
bulletHow were you able to predict yet undiscovered elements?
bulletWhat changes were made to the periodic table after your discovery?

Here are some helpful web links to help you perform your research, although you are welcome to use books, periodicals, and magazines as well:


Kiwi Web: Chemistry & New Zealand  (
Dmitriy Mendeleev Online ---  (
PBS Online: Stephen Hawking's Universe (
CHEMystery: Periodic Table of the Elements (

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