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Famous Scientist Report


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This is your chance to help bring up your science grade in Mr. Crosby's Science Class. To receive the Extra Credit for this assignment you must also turn in all of your missing work for the 2nd Six Weeks grading period. Check online to see what you are missing!

Choose a Famous Scientist and write an auto-biography of his or her life.. Use the following Guidelines to help you in this project:


Choose someone else!

  • Type your report in size 12 font. Choose a normal looking font.
  • Copy a picture (if you can find one) of your scientist into your report. Give credit of where you obtained your picture. 
  • Your report must be at least five paragraphs in length and answer the following questions:
  • Before you begin your writing, research the following questions. Be sure your autobiography answers these important questions! As always, be creative, and proofread for grammar and spelling. Your writing should be followed by a brief Works Cited page listing the sources you used to write your autobiography. Refernece everything!


Where and when were you born?

In what years did you perform your research. What is your claim to fame? What did you research?

What did you discover? Why is or was it important? How is your discovery used today?

Your report must contain a cover page, at least 5 paragraphs and a picture or drawing of you (the scientist). Your report must be followed by a reference page (Bibliography). Include web pages that you used including this one.

Here are links that can used to help you in this Extra Credit Project.

Web Page


Union of Concerned Scientists


African Americans in Science


Learning Page for teachers

Famous Scientists

Famous Scientists

Famous Scientists

Your Extra Credit report must be typed and turn in no later than Wednesday November 13, 2002 to receive full credit. Remember, all work must be in before you may do the extra credit assignment.

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